Makiko Kurita

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Ms. Makiko Kurita

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Counselor, Lecturer
MA, Certified Public Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist

During my postgraduate studies I conducted research on psychodynamic dynamics in families with addiction problems. I conducted individual therapy with junior high school students with mental disorders such as borderline personality disorder and group therapy with truant junior high school students. While conducting therapy, I have lectured at mental health seminars at companies and local authorities, and as a psychology lecturer at schools specialising in psychology, nutrition and medicine. Currently, she counsels teenagers and adults at a public counselling centre in Kyoto, and provides counselling and consultation as a school counsellor working at the frontline of crisis intervention at three high schools. She also teaches psychology courses for the general public, in addition to lecturing at vocational schools and companies.
 I became interested in meditation when I was a postgraduate student and started learning meditation because I felt that the psychotherapies of the time were not sufficient for personal recovery and renewal, or for personal growth. And from my own experience of learning to meditate, I have wished to be able to offer psychotherapy using meditation to people with mental illness or who have got into difficulties in their lives. Among psychotherapies using mindfulness meditation, MiCBT is a therapy that is very effective and satisfying for clients because it uses mindfulness meditation to deal directly with each client's distress.


I have completed foundation course and applied course.

Certification Level (ADMIN USE ONLY)


Adults and teenagers over 15 years old


Recovering from life's difficulties( eg depression, anxiety, PTSD), relation, self esteem, addiction, personal growth


Currently, online therapy only