Evgenia Videnmaier-Zink

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Evgenia Videnmaier-Zink

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social worker, family therapist, counsellor, coach
M.A. Communication, M.Ed. Leadership, B.A. Early years, Systemic Family Therapist,Life Coach ICF, EMCC

I am Evgenia Videnmaier -Zink, creator of Mindwisespace, sysetmic famiiy therapist, certified coach, yoga teacher and trained in MiCBT.
As a coach with a my experiene as social worker and as family therapist and counsellor, I offer my clients a wide range of tools in a safe enivroment which is very important when one "opens" issues of self-confidence, personal development, self awearness and mindset change.
In my work is very important to teach the necessary elements of psychoeducation in every stage of one's journey.
I enjoy to train, support and assist in the development of educators through private or in-house seminars and workshops.
I am constantly in search of improving on a personal and professional level and that's is why I have been trained in dfferent courses like Neurosccience, Mindfullness, and Emotion Coaching.
My goal is that every individual or group of individuals working with me, flourishes, improves performance and to find the sense of purpuse in their life.


competed foundation course, currently in applied course


children families adults educators


anxiety, stress, parenting, personal development, mindset