Jill Beattie

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Dr. Jill Beattie

Registered Nurse/Midwife, Mindfulness-based Emotional Fitness Consultant, Researcher
PhD, MN (AdvPract), GradDipMiCBT, BN (Education), DipT (NseEd), RM, RN, Accredited Trainer -Flinders Model of chronic condition self-management, Registered MBTI Accredited Consultant

Jill is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Monash University and conducts mindfulness in pregnancy, birthing, and parenthood programs for couples. Jill also works in private practice with groups and people individually. Results of Jill's clients completing 8-10 weeks of MiCBT indicate a significant improvement in depression, anxiety and stress. She also conducts mindfulness-based programs for partners of defence force personnel and in organisations.

Jill’s latest research has been related to workplace aggression and violence


Foundation, Applied, Retreat, Grad Dip of MiCBT

Certification Level (ADMIN USE ONLY)


Adults, children, groups


Stress, anxiety, depression, anger, pain management, chronic condition management, military and veteran mental health, emotional fitness in pregnancy and parenthood.