Bruno Cayoun

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Dr. Bruno Cayoun

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Clinical Psychologist
DPsych (Clin)

Dr Bruno Cayoun is a registered clinical psychologist and a member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA). He is passionate about his work and has a particular interest in mindfulness, wellbeing and personal growth. Bruno is experienced in working with a wide range of psychological and emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, anger, trauma, phobias, OCD, relationship discord and personality disorders. He specialises in using Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT), a grounded, compassionate and effective skill-based treatment approach.

Bruno is also a researcher and principal developer of Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which he has been teaching to mental health professionals internationally since 2003. He undertakes mindfulness research at the MiCBT Institute and co-supervises research in several universities in Australia and abroad. Bruno is the author of several books, including Mindfulness-integrated CBT: Principles and Practice (Wiley, 2011), and Mindfulness-integrated CBT for Well-being and Personal Growth (Wiley, 2015) and co-author of The Clinical Handbook of Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy: A Step-by-Step Guide for Therapists (Wiley, 2018). His mindfulness training CDs, mp3s and books are used worldwide, and he is the principal developer of several widely-used questionnaires.


Principal developer of MiCBT

Certification Level (ADMIN USE ONLY)




Problems associated with depression, anxiety (including phobias), trauma, obsessions and compulsions, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, stress management, addiction and recovery, chronic pain, anger management